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Custom Packaging & Labeling Solutions – Finnley’s Hairstyling Range

For Finnley’s, a distinguished name in hair care, CB Print has crafted an extensive range of bespoke boxes and labels tailored for their hairstyling products. This venture involved the creation of custom-designed packaging for an impressive lineup of 8 collections, totaling over 100,000 labels across 60 distinct sizes.

The materials selected were as varied as Finnley’s products, with finishes ranging from sleek matte to luxurious gloss, enhanced by special touches like foil stamping and UV spot coating to make the packaging stand out.

Our partnership with Finnley’s extends well beyond packaging and labels. We have produced a wide array of additional branding materials to amplify the brand experience. This includes elegant business cards, eye-catching displays, and over 30 different decorative banners that enhance Finnley’s visual presence in the marketplace. Each product showcases our attention to detail and commitment to reinforcing Finnley’s brand identity.

CB Print continues to supply Finnley’s with superior print solutions, where innovation and customization converge to reflect the distinctive quality of Finnley’s hairstyling products. Our fruitful collaboration underscores our dedication to excellence and the versatility of our offerings.






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