Future of Festivals

60 materials


18 M2

expo space

2 days

in Berlin


Exhibition walls, flags, chairs, carpet, ceiling, custom wraps, printed cups, pillows, LED letters, sample materials, product stickers, polystyrene 3D logo, flyers and business cards

Additional service

All artwork, complete production and installation

Realized for

Festi-Print International


25 & 26 November 2023

Festi Print International: Defining the Future of Printing in Germany.

The Launch of Festi Print International: A Success Story in the German Print Market

When Festi Print International, a pioneering printing company, decided to enter the German market, they had a vision of a brand that would excel in creativity, quality, and a broad product range. They approached us to bring this vision to life, starting with a complete stand design and production that would display their extensive offerings during industry-related events.

Our collaboration resulted in a dynamic and engaging stand that not only captured the essence of Festi Print International but also acted as a vibrant catalog of their capabilities. Visitors were welcomed by an impressive array of exhibition walls, each telling a part of the Festi Print story through vivid graphic designs and strategic messages.

Flags with the company’s bold branding fluttered alongside elegantly branded chairs, creating a comfortable yet distinctly marked environment. The carpet was not merely a walking surface but testified to the customization abilities of Festi Print, with intricate designs that complemented the overarching theme of the stand.

The ceiling did not escape our personal touch; it contributed to an all-encompassing brand experience. Printed cups and pillows added a personal touch, offering both comfort and a visual delight with their detailed prints.

LED letters, illuminated on a conference table, issued a radiant declaration to visitors. These letters, along with sample materials, product stickers, and a polystyrene 3D logo, showcased the breadth of Festi Print’s product range.

Finally, take-away items such as flyers and business cards were crafted not just as carriers of information but as examples of the attention to detail and quality in printing.

Through this large-scale project, Festi Print International has made its mark on the German market, proving that from the smallest sticker to the largest exhibition wall, they are the experts for striking print solutions.








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