Glücksgefühle festival 2023

3 different


7500 m2


7 days



PVC banners and forex

Realized for

Brok decor


Hockenheim, Germany

CB Print Creates a Visual Spectacle for Glückgefühl Festival 2023: Reinventing a German Festival Icon

CB Print has achieved an impressive feat by producing a large-scale project in just 7 days for the Glückgefühl Festival 2023, commissioned by Brok Decor. Known as the largest festival in Germany, the festival demanded an exceptional approach in both logistics and creativity.

Located in the legendary Hockenheim, Germany, our team proved that no project is too large or ambitious with a total production area of no less than 7500m2. Divided across 3 different areas, we had the opportunity to contribute to an experience that the festival-goers of Glückgefühl will not soon forget.

Our specialized printers worked tirelessly to produce high-quality frontlit and forex materials, which together formed a beautiful palette of colors and textures. The vibrancy and durability of these materials were essential in creating an atmosphere that sparked the imagination both day and night.

The extensive project required precise planning and swift execution. Our team of experienced professionals worked with precision and efficiency to ensure that every aspect of the print production reflected the quality standards of both CB Print and Brok Decor.

CB Print is proud of the realization of this challenging and extensive project for the Glückgefühl Festival 2023. Our commitment to excellence and our passion for innovation in print solutions have once again resulted in an unparalleled festival experience. We look forward to continuing our collaboration with Brok Decor and to creating more unforgettable events in the future.






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