Salon Partners – Redesign HQ

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14 different


10 different


10 days

production and installation


Fabric frames with textile, flags, panels, foils, deco banners, 3D letters

Realized for

Salon Partners


Veenendaal, The Netherlands

CB Print and Salon Partners: A Creative Collaboration for an Inspiring Head Office

CB Print has had the honor of further solidifying a long-standing collaboration with our esteemed client, Salon Partners. It was a privilege to be entrusted with the task of dressing their head office, creating an environment that reflects the identity and vision of Salon Partners.

In our pursuit of perfection, we employed a wide array of visual solutions. The walls were transformed with printed decopolyester, adding a unique and atmospheric dimension to the spaces. Precisely designed and placed lettering underlines the professional image of the company.

The airtex walls provide a picturesque backdrop that is both aesthetic and practical, while the plexiglass 3D letters add a modern and dynamic element to the branding. This depth creates an immediate visual impact, one that visitors and employees will not soon forget.

At the entrance, proud flags flutter, catching the attention of passersby and offering a warm welcome to all guests. The printed plate materials have been carefully selected and produced to ensure durability and quality, making them ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.

CB Print not only took care of the production of these diverse materials but also meticulously executed the installation. Our team of installation specialists ensured that each element was seamlessly integrated into the space, with an attention to detail that reflects the excellence of Salon Partners.

This collaboration with Salon Partners is a wonderful example of how CB Print delivers custom solutions to transform a space into a source of inspiration and brand experience. We are proud of the trust that Salon Partners has placed in us and look forward to many future projects where we can apply our expertise and passion for print.






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