Mysteryland 2023

2 different


975 M2

printing materials

5 days



PVC & textile Banners

Realized for

Brok Decor


Vijfhuizen/Hoofddorp, The Netherlands

CB Print Rocks Mysteryland 2023: A Collaboration for Iconic Stages

In the pulsating heart of Mysteryland 2023, where music and magic converge, CB Print has once again proven to be a master in rapidly coordinating with our partner Brok Decor for visually spectacular stages. For the dynamic festival, our team produced an impressive total of more than 975m2 of banner and textile materials within just 5 days of production time for two of the festival’s most iconic stages.

Through the smart reuse of materials from the previous year, Brok Decor not only reduced the ecological footprint but also ensured the visual continuity of the festival. This reuse affirms a commitment to a greener future and demonstrates that sustainability can go hand in hand with creating a breathtaking experience.

Mysteryland 2023 was a testament to how CB Print’s craftsmanship and Brok Decor’s environmental awareness contributed memorably to one of the world’s largest festivals. Our flexibility, speed, and precision in production ensured that the stages were not only a feast for the eyes but also a statement of innovation and responsibility.

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